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7 More Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Cleveland

Cleveland is a quirky place filled with interesting history and oddball people of the best kind.

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Check out these 7 interesting facts about our city and see for yourself:

1. Let There Be Light

The first city to be lit with electric lights was none other Cleveland. In 1879, the switch was flipped and for a brief moment in history Cleveland was kind of the most technologically advanced city in the world … at least, when it came to lighting it was.

2. For Those About To Rock

We all know that Alan Freed, a Cleveland disc jockey back in the day, coined the term “rock and roll,” but did you know he also staged the first ever rock concert, a show called the Moondog Coronation Ball? Now you do. 

3. Dun-Dun-Dun-DUNNNN

Cleveland as an epicenter of classical musical excellence? You bet. The rock n’ roll city is also home to the Cleveland Orchestra, which is consistently ranked among the top 10 best orchestras in the world.

4. Give A Man A Fish

The Great Lakes are a world wonder, and Lake Erie stands out among them as the most biologically productive. It has the warmest and most shallow waters, and produces more fish than any of the other Great Lakes. In fact, it has more than all the other Great Lakes combined – so go reel some in! 

5. My Pretty, Pretty

The Wicked Witch of the West is one of cinema history’s most recognizable villains, and the actress who portrayed her – Margaret Hamilton – hails from the great city of Cleveland. What that says about Cleveland is anyone’s guess.

6. If You Can Make It There

They say that when it comes to the stage, you want to be in London or Times Square, or nowhere. But you know what? Cleveland’s Playhouse Square is the largest performing arts center outside of Manhattan, so maybe it’s time to get Cleveland on the list of big players in the stage game. 

7. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out

When it comes to modern classics, A Christmas Story is the king of the holiday movies. It’s charming and hilarious and every new generation loves it as much as the last. Even better, the famous house is located right in suburban Cleveland!

In fact, it has been converted into a replica of the movie set and is now a museum. Well worth seeking out if you like pop culture fun.

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