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4 Great Candies & Snacks Created in Ohio

If you think that working in insurance sounds a bit dull, you’d be mistaken. We have some very interesting accounts here in Northeast Ohio.

dum dum pops

Among them is Groovy Candies, one of the coolest online candy companies you’ll find – they have just about everything you love and remember from your past and present. 

That’s fitting, since Ohio is quietly one of the sweetest and “snackiest” states in the nation. Take a look at these classics that were created right here in Ohio: 

Dum Dums

Everyone knows Dum Dums, those popular lollipops you often see given away at banks and doctors offices, but did you know that they were born right here in the Buckeye State?

Made by the Spangler Candy Company, an Ohio mainstay since 1906, they have been one of the world’s most popular candies since 1924.

Life Savers

Life Savers are one of the most popular and recognizable candies in the entire world, and it turns out they have their origins right here in Ohio.

Garrettsville’s Clarence Crane invented them in 1912 because he wanted a candy that could survive hot summer days better than chocolate.

The candies, named because they resembled life preserves, were a quick hit. Crane sold off the brand a year later, and by the 1930s Life Savers had become a national staple!

Hot Dogs

Did you know this ballpark staple has its roots in Ohio? Many others try to lay claim to this fame, but the best story comes from Harry M. Stevens, an English immigrant who ended up in Niles, Ohio and became OBSESSED with baseball.

He loved it so much he designed the scorecard style still used today. His bigger contribution, however, came when he decided to sell German ‘dachshund sausages’ on handy little rolls instead of unadorned, as they usually were.

He called them red hots. A reporter supposedly couldn’t spell ‘dachshund,’ so they got translated to ‘hot dogs.’ The rest is history.

Potato Chips

Okay, we’re cheating a small bit here. Technically potato chips have been around since at least the 1820s, but you have Cleveland’s own William Tappenden to thank for turning them into the on-every-convenience-store-shelf commodity they are today.

He actually delivered chips directly to people, which helped spread their popularity, and turned chips into a big business AND into the all-American snack.

These days, Ohio is the second biggest manufacturer of potato chips in the U.S., so his legacy lasts.

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